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Articles | May 02, 2016

Lessons in Management: BGS Senior Counselor Leon E. Panetta and Managing Director Jeremy Bash Offer A Unique Look At The Lessons Learned From The Bin Laden Raid, On The Operation’s Fifth Anniversary

May 2 marks the fifth anniversary of the operation that killed the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. His death was the culmination of a global manhunt that lasted more than a decade and assumed extreme urgency after the September 11, 2001, attacks.

The hunt for Bin Laden from 2009–2010 yielded many lessons about managing a large, complex organization that is focused on varied missions under intense pressure. These management lessons are relevant far beyond Langley.


Articles | Apr 20, 2016

BGS Senior Counselor Michael Morell Discusses Cybersecurity Threats And Potential Solutions To Disagreements Between Government And Tech Companies Regarding The Use Of Encryption

Morell recommends specific types of tools that monitor anomalous activity on networks to protect against cyber threats. He also talks about the need for a comprehensive push by the intelligence community to find a way to access encrypted information without compromising American companies.


Articles | Feb 14, 2016

BGS Managing Director Michael Allen Discusses Recent Shifts In The National Security Landscape And How They Will Affect Business Leaders And Policy Makers

In an op-ed for The Cipher Brief, Allen writes that “successfully navigating this ever changing landscape will require not only contingency planning and preparation, but understanding the subtle interconnectivity of world affairs and their second-order effects.”


Articles | Feb 03, 2016

Admiral James Stavridis, BGS Advisory Board Member, Discusses The Need For The U.S. Government To Lease Icebreakers In The Arctic

Admiral Stavridis discusses the need for the U.S. government to explore private leasing of icebreakers to ensure safety and protect the Arctic.


Articles | Nov 20, 2015

BGS Advisory Board Member, Michael Vickers, Discusses In Politico The Need For A Change In U.S. Strategy Against ISIS

Vickers argues for a “Syria-first” strategy, as well as the creation of a de facto state.


Articles | Nov 16, 2015

BGS Senior Counselor Michael Morell In Time Magazine Discusses The Ongoing Threats To The U.S. Posed By ISIS

Morell writes, “the nature and significance of the threat flows from the fact that ISIS is— all at the same time— a terrorist group, a state, and a revolutionary political movement. We have not faced an adversary like it before.”

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Articles | May 26, 2015

BGS’ Managing Director Michael Allen And Technical Advisor Bryan Smith Warn Against Further Cuts To The US Intelligence Budget

Allen and Smith write that intelligence is more in demand than ever, stating that US policymakers will turn to the intelligence community to evaluate threats such as Russian aggression, ISIL, and cyber intrusions.


Articles | May 21, 2015

BGS Senior Vice President Julianne Smith Discusses The Need For A Bold American Agenda To Address International Security Challenges

“The world still relies on the West to solve global problems and underwrite international security,” Smith writes. “Small-scale tactical shifts that avoid taking risks and fail to challenge the status quo simply will not suffice.”


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