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Articles | Apr 21, 2015

BGS Managing Director Michael Allen Discusses The DNI’s Past And Future Role In The Intelligence Community

Allen writes that “the gains made, and lessons learned, by the DNI over the past decade provide a solid foundation for continued progress toward the intelligence enterprise our country needs and deserves.”


Articles | Apr 02, 2015

Senior Vice President Julianne Smith Discusses Why Russia's Anti-Access And Area Denial (A2AD) Capabilities Are Just As Worrisome As China’s

In her co-authored piece featured in Defense One, Smith proposes that “Washington and its allies should start with a complete review of U.S. force posture in Europe…, the transatlantic allies should begin exercises that focus specifically on the A2/AD challenge…, and Washington should lock in the rotational forces that are currently in the region, ensure continued funding to support and exercises in Europe and avoid any near-term withdrawals of U.S. forces from the European continent.”


Articles | Feb 06, 2015

BGS Senior Vice President Julianne Smith Publishes an Article on President Obama’s Second National Security Strategy

Julianne Smith, former Deputy National Security Advisor to the Vice President of the United States, publishes an article in The National Interest on the President’s second and final National Security Strategy and its focus on specific threats and opportunities ranging from ISIS to cyber security.


Articles | Feb 03, 2015

BGS Senior Vice President Julianne Smith Discusses The Ukraine Crisis With The Christian Science Monitor

“We don’t want a new cold war,” says Smith, “We’ve got to walk [Putin] back to the negotiating table.”


Articles | Dec 16, 2014

BGS Managing Director Andrew Shapiro Discusses With Reuters Legislation Concerning Foreign Military Sales

Andrew Shapiro, who previously headed the State Department office that oversees foreign arms sales, said the provision would only be used in cases involving “significant events” and did not give Congress the ability to block sales…


Articles | Oct 04, 2014

BGS Managing Director Andrew Shapiro Discusses In Defense News the Impact of Lifting the USG Ban on Lethal Defense Sales to Vietnam

“The US military is greatly interested in deepening cooperation with Vietnam and working more closely together,” he said “This is a significant indicator that the Vietnamese are becoming more comfortable with us as a potential partner, and I think DoD and state are interested in building on the progress.” Shapiro added that lifting the ban on lethal equipment could also lead to growth in non-defense industries.


Articles | Sep 28, 2014

BGS Managing Director Andrew Shapiro In Defense News Discusses The Impact Of Defense Sales On Gulf Allies’ Partnerships With The US And Their Future Defense Needs.

From the Article: “Andrew Shapiro, a former senior State Department official who headed the bureau responsible for foreign military sales, said, ‘I think this operation will identify gaps [in their inventory] as they learn by doing. I think from the after-action reviews of these kinds of operations, you’ll hear what they need.’”


Articles | Sep 08, 2014

BGS Advisory Board Member Brian Hook In The Daily Beast Discusses The John Hay Initiative’s Goals For The 2016 Presidential Elections.

Hook explains that the John Jay Initiative wants “to be a resource to presidential campaigns in 2016, those who are interested in conservative internationalism and promoting American leadership and ideals.”


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