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Interviews | Sep 08, 2014

Managing Director Jeremy Bash On Andrea Mitchell Reports To Discuss US Strategic And Military Options Regarding ISIS

Bash talks about the short term and long term goals of the Obama administration on combating terrorism and working toward greater stability in Iraq.

Interviews | Jun 19, 2014

BGS Senior Vice President Julianne Smith In The Los Angeles Times Discusses The Obama Administration’s Strategy In Iraq

Smith says there is “a fundamental strategic framework for [President Obama] that tilts toward not intervening and looking to see what other instruments are available to deal with a crisis.”


Interviews | May 20, 2014

BGS Counselor Michael Morell On CBS This Morning Discusses The U.S. Department Of Justice’s Indictment Of Five Chinese Military Officers

Morell said the U.S. should expect the Chinese to retaliate in response to the charges. He noted that the U.S. Government does not spy to help private U.S. companies, but rather it is “interested in national security information that can help the president keep our country safe.”


Interviews | May 19, 2014

BGS Managing Director Andrew Shapiro Discusses How Russia Is Withholding Military Cooperation To Affect U.S. Policy In Eastern Europe In Defense News

Shapiro considers the message Russia is trying to send by halting sales of the RD-180 engine used by the U.S. to launch satellites, and what it means for U.S.-Russia relations.


Interviews | Apr 16, 2014

BGS Senior Vice President Julianne Smith In Bloomberg Businessweek Discusses The Administration’s Efforts To Impose Harsher Sanctions On Russia

Smith argues that “the U.S. is boxed in right now.” She explains that if the U.S. “can’t garner the cooperation of Europe, the bigger sanctions won’t have teeth. They won’t have enough impact unless the Europeans join us.”


Interviews | Mar 26, 2014

BGS Vice President Julianne Smith In The New York Times Discusses The Obama Administration’s Commitment To NATO And Foreign Policy Toward Europe

Smith argues that the Administration is not introducing a “fundamental recalibration of U.S. foreign policy” toward Europe. She states that “it’s a little bit less about what the U.S. is going to do above and beyond what it’s done and more about challenging Europe to stand up to the task, particularly on the defense side.”


Interviews | Mar 23, 2014

BGS Managing Directors Michael Allen and Jeremy Bash In Politico Address the Relationship Between The CIA And Senate Select Committee On Intelligence (SSCI)

Allen and Bash discuss the broad scope of cooperation between the CIA and SSCI despite the surveillance controversy, and the importance of rebuilding trust.


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