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Interviews | Mar 17, 2014

BGS Managing Director Michael Allen On C-Span’s Washington Journal Discusses The CIA-Senate Surveillance Controversy

Allen breaks down the recent surveillance and oversight controversy surrounding the CIA and U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI).

Interviews | Mar 04, 2014

BGS Senior Vice President Julianne Smith Speaks To McClatchy DC About How The U.S. And Europe Should Respond To Russian Adventurism

Smith, who was a senior adviser on European and NATO policy at the Pentagon and for Vice President Biden before joining Beacon Global Strategies, said that U.S. officials should reassure Russia’s neighbors, particularly Baltic states that were once part of the Soviet Union, that the United States “hasn’t gone wobbly on its security commitments”.


Interviews | Mar 03, 2014

BGS Senior Vice President Julianne Smith In The New York Times Addresses The Economic Power Of European Allies In Helping to Manage The Crimea Crisis

Smith stresses the importance of support from European allies in the current crisis with Russia: “To the extent that the United States tries to put economic pressure on Russian industry, they won’t feel the impact as much as they would if we had Europe standing with us. That’s easier said than done.”


Interviews | Feb 24, 2014

BGS Managing Director Andrew Shapiro discusses the U.S. Government’s UAV export policy review in Aviation Week

Shapiro reviewed key factors influencing the U.S. Government’s UAV export policy review, including lethality, the Missile Technology Control Regime, and human rights. In addition, he noted the great demand from foreign militaries for U.S. unmanned systems.


Interviews | Feb 12, 2014

BGS Managing Director Andrew Shapiro Appears On CNBC To Address How Rising Defense Spending In The Asia Pacific Creates Opportunities For U.S. Companies

In addition to speaking to the rise in defense spending in Asia and how that may benefit U.S. companies, BGS Managing Director Andrew Shapiro discusses Secretary of State Kerry’s visit to the region, the utility for Asian countries of unarmed, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and how the U.S. continues to manage its long-standing relationship with Japan.

Interviews | Jan 19, 2014

BGS Counselor Michael Morell On CBS News’ Face The Nation Reviews President Obama’s Proposed Changes To The NSA's Surveillance Programs

Michael Morell, former Deputy Director of the CIA and a member of the President’s NSA Surveillance Review Group, gives his thoughts on the President Obama’s recent proposals, Edward Snowden, and security at the Sochi Olympics.


Interviews | Jan 15, 2014

BGS Managing Director Jeremy Bash In The Washington Post Discusses The President’s Decision To Call On Congress To Help Determine The National Security Administration’s Phone Collection Program’s Future

“The Justice Department claimed strongly to the Senate Intelligence Committee that this program was lawful, effective and important,” Bash said. “Congress has a responsibility to establish limits on government surveillance, so it’s entirely appropriate that Congress weigh in on the phone records program.”


Interviews | Jan 15, 2014

BGS Managing Director Andrew Shapiro In Defense News Discusses the White House’s Revised Conventional Arms Transfer Policy

Former Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs Andrew Shapiro explains his push to update the previous Cold War-era version of the policy post-Arab Spring, and how it fits in with the Administration’s larger policy efforts.


Interviews | Jan 12, 2014

BGS Senior Vice President Julianne Smith Discusses the White House’s Quiet Efforts Regarding Iraq In Defense News

“We have to be honest about the limits of US control over events in a sovereign country,” Smith said. She also noted the significant personal attention devoted to the issue by Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken.


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