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Publications | Mar 02, 2015

BGS Managing Director Andrew Shapiro In Defense News Provides Insight For Companies Aiming To Increase International Sales

BGS Managing Director Andrew Shapiro wrote in his Defense News Op-Ed that for US defense firms to find success in the international market, they will need to master the intersection of overseas demand and US foreign policy. He further explains how these companies should focus on establishing in-country presence and building long-term relationships with foreign militaries and US government officials.

As Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs, Shapiro managed foreign military sales for the Department of State through working closely with both US defense firms and foreign governments.


Articles | Feb 06, 2015

BGS Senior Vice President Julianne Smith Publishes an Article on President Obama’s Second National Security Strategy

Julianne Smith, former Deputy National Security Advisor to the Vice President of the United States, publishes an article in The National Interest on the President’s second and final National Security Strategy and its focus on specific threats and opportunities ranging from ISIS to cyber security.


Announcements | Feb 06, 2015

Frances Townsend Joins the BGS Board of Advisors

Frances Fragos Townsend is an Executive Vice President at MacAndrews and Forbes Incorporated. Prior to Joining MacAndrews and Forbes in 2010, Ms. Townsend was a Corporate Partner with the law firm Baker Botts, LLP. Ms. Townsend served as Assistant to President George W. Bush for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism and chaired the Homeland Security Council from May 2004 until January 2008. She previously served as Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Combating Terrorism from May 2003 to May 2004. Most recently, Ms. Townsend provided consulting services and advice to corporate entities on Global Strategic Engagement and Risk as well as Crisis and Contingency planning.


Articles | Feb 03, 2015

BGS Senior Vice President Julianne Smith Discusses The Ukraine Crisis With The Christian Science Monitor

“We don’t want a new cold war,” says Smith, “We’ve got to walk [Putin] back to the negotiating table.”


Uncategorized | Jan 15, 2015

BGS Looks Ahead in 2015

BGS continues to track a wide range of national security issues affecting companies doing business with the U.S. Government as well as overseas in 2015. From pressing regional crises in the Middle East, Europe and Asia to domestic debates about the future of the U.S. defense policy and cyber security, BGS remains well positioned to provide our clients with unique insights, targeted strategies and timely analysis.


Articles | Dec 16, 2014

BGS Managing Director Andrew Shapiro Discusses With Reuters Legislation Concerning Foreign Military Sales

Andrew Shapiro, who previously headed the State Department office that oversees foreign arms sales, said the provision would only be used in cases involving “significant events” and did not give Congress the ability to block sales…


Announcements | Dec 08, 2014

Ambassador Eric Edelman Joins Beacon Global Strategies’ Board of Advisors

Ambassador Eric Edelman is a former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, the number three position at the Pentagon. He also served in numerous senior positions at the State and Defense departments, as well as the White House. He served as the Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey from July 2003 to June 2005.


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