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Carlos Aramayo

Carlos Aramayo

Carlos Aramayo joined Beacon Global Strategies in June 2022

Prior to joining Beacon, Mr. Aramayo was an Associate at Graph Strategy in Washington, DC, where he performed domestic and international commercial due diligence, and business strategy on mergers and acquisitions for private equity clients. Previously, Mr. Aramayo was a Lead Investigator for the Washington DC Government Center for Public Policy, where he led a team of investigators who gathered essential data during the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Aramayo is also the Co-Founder of the Fuller Center for Housing Bolivia, an NGO dedicated to building low-income housing in La Paz. In that role, Mr. Aramayo negotiated bilateral agreements with diplomatic representatives, and generated cooperation agreements with several domestic and international private sector companies. Volunteers for Mr. Aramayo’s housing projects include the United States Ambassador to Bolivia, other American diplomats, and U.S. Marines.

He also was a research assistant at the Brookings Institute Latin America Initiative, where he performed foreign policy analysis for the former Vice-President of Costa Rica and the former Finance Minister of Colombia. Mr. Aramayo received a B.A. summa cum laude in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Foreign Affairs from Georgetown University where he was distinguished with the Tropaia outstanding student award. Currently, he is a graduate student at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. He is specializing in technology in the Security Studies program.