Practice Areas

Beacon provides its clients with a balanced and comprehensive understanding of global dynamics and risks and how to navigate them.

Leveraging the distinctive backgrounds of its expert team, Beacon operates in the following practice areas:


Defense and

Beacon’s decades of expertise and deep networks help defense and aerospace clients of all sizes win new domestic and international sales, navigate complex government processes, and understand the broader defense and geopolitical landscape to achieve long-term success.


Global Technology

As global markets and political dynamics shift, new requirements could reshape the private sector’s ability to advance cutting-edge technologies that will define future societies, economies, and battlefields.

Beacon Global Strategies’ Global Technology Policy practice provides tech sector clients with tools to navigate an increasingly complex and dynamic policy environment where national security concerns often dominate economic decisions. Beacon’s extensive network of experienced advisors helps clients anticipate global policy developments and stay competitive.


National Security

As commercial players redefine the national security landscape with disruptive technologies and capabilities, the U.S. government seeks to benefit from this innovation.

Beacon Global Strategies’ National Security Technology practice develops bespoke and scalable strategies to help clients generate new business opportunities. Beacon harnesses its experience across the private sector and its unique understanding of market dynamics to craft revenue-focused engagements that drive clients toward contract and acquisition wins.


Geopolitical Risk

Beacon Global Strategies’ clients are global enterprises whose operations touch nearly every continent. Ensuring these companies can navigate political developments as they arise are central to contemporary risk management.

Beacon leverages its comprehensive understanding of the international security environment to provide in-depth insight into how emerging trends and political crises may materially impact or provide opportunities for clients’ interests and operations.



The Indo-Pacific region is experiencing dramatic geopolitical changes. The tectonic shift in U.S.-China relations is having far reaching effects on the private sector’s approach to the region. The resulting political and policy ramifications stand to reshape business activity in the Indo-Pacific for the United States and its allies.

As rapidly evolving geopolitical dynamics create more uncertainty, Beacon’s experts stand ready to guide clients as they navigate this environment and seek emerging business opportunities.


Intelligence and Space

Beacon Global Strategies specializes in navigating private sector engagement for firms that support U.S. national security in the various agencies that comprise the U.S. intelligence community. Beacon’s support includes sales and business development strategies and transaction advisory services. Beacon also assists companies in the national security and commercial space markets with regulatory and business development strategies.

Service Offerings

Informed by deep networks in the policy and business community, Beacon provides its clients with tailored strategies to anticipate global developments, mitigate challenges, and realize new opportunities. These offerings include: