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Peter Hall

Prior to Beacon, Peter W. (Pete) Hall guided Peraton’s growth pursuits at the National Security Agency (NSA) across three business units as Senior Director for Growth. In addition to commercial expertise, Mr. Hall brings a wealth of experience accumulated during nearly four decades within the U.S. Intelligence Community where he has held many high impact roles that focused on mission outcomes.

In his last position in government service, Mr. Hall served as Chief of a National Security Agency (NSA)-led interagency program, guiding highly complex operations.

Prior to that role, he served as the NSA Director’s senior representative to the Department of Defense (DoD). In this capacity Mr. Hall led a dedicated team of senior civilian and military personnel synchronizing NSA support across the Department. In this role, he provided direct support to the Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, the DoD Chief Information Officer, and other top DoD leaders. Mr. Hall oversaw all NSA Defense Department coordination, Cyber Security Operations and Policy, Watch Operations, IT infrastructure planning and security, and Intelligence Delivery.

Mr. Hall is perhaps best known for his extensive counterterrorism (CT) experience. His last role in CT was as the Deputy Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), which coordinates government-wide efforts to combat terrorism. Immediately prior to Mr. Hall’s move to NCTC, he served as NSA’s Chief of the Office of Counterterrorism. In this role, he orchestrated global counterterrorism operations providing direct support to policymakers, diplomats, law enforcement, military, intelligence communities, and international partners in a relentless pursuit of terrorists. Mr. Hall played pivotal roles in pioneering operations in partnership with Marine Forces Cyber and United States Cyber Command that proved highly effective in countering ISIS and Al Qa’ida. He also served in multiple other positions within NSA’s CT enterprise following 9/11 including as Chief of Middle East CT (2008-2011), Chief of North Africa CT (2005-2008), and Chief of European CT 2003-2008).

Prior to serving as NSA CT Chief, Mr. Hall was NSA’s most senior representative in a combat zone. In this role he coordinated NSA support across the region, working closely with NSA Headquarters, Central Command, Special Operations Command, and NSA Extended Enterprise offices. He provided invaluable counsel to the Ambassador and Commanding General, RESOLUTE SUPPORT daily regarding intelligence support for operations.

Mr. Hall previously served as NSA’s Acting Assistant Deputy Director, Analysis and Production, where overseeing one of the largest intelligence production organizations within the intelligence community, supervising nine intelligence centers and multiple extended enterprise locations. Mr. Hall was selected for this important role due to his highly successful tour as the Chief of the Office of Russa. During his tenure as NSAs’ Russia Chief, he led the global analytic and production effort involving hundreds of personnel in one of NSA’s critical mission areas. He collaborated extensively with US government entities, the military, and foreign partners, aligning resources and coordinating efforts to advance innovative analytic and technical capabilities. Mr. Hall’s performance led to his appointment as the Agency lead during a crisis event in 2014, delivering high-impact reporting that prompted follow-up taskings from the White House for in-depth analytic sessions with the Secretary of Defense and Secretary of Homeland Security. His innovative approach to intelligence production, influenced by counterterrorism techniques, received praise from the Director of the NSA, GEN Keith Alexander. community, s

Mr. Hall’s career journey began as a Russia analyst and linguist in the United States Army, where he served in critical locations during and after the Cold War, including West Berlin during the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Over his 20-year military SIGINT career, he made significant contributions in Kosovo, Hawaii, Germany, Arizona, and Georgia, retiring with the rank of First Sergeant.

Mr. Hall earned his degree in Russia Studies from Excelsior University while on active duty. He was selected for the prestigious Presidential Rank Award in 2017.

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