Our Team

Suzette Kent

Suzette Kent joined BGS in March 2022

Prior to joining BGS, Ms. Kent served as the Federal CIO. She joined government from industry where she has been a global leader in large-scale business transformation and has worked with many of the world’s most complex organizations. Her experiences cover a wide spectrum, which include technology development, product design, customer servicing, merger and acquisition, technology and risk policy and establishing new global industry capabilities. Before taking the role of Federal CIO, Ms. Kent spent over 29 years in the financial services industry where she served as a principal at EY, partner at Accenture, consulting president at Carreker Corporation, and Managing Director at JPMorgan. Ms. Kent has served as an enterprise leader for organizational learning, diversity and inclusiveness, and career development at every organization at which she has worked. She has been a frequent speaker in global industry forums, publisher of thought leadership pieces, and holds patents in banking processes.