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In a Financial Times article published on May 24th, BGS Managing Director Michael Allen discusses the 5G threat posed by Huawei.

Huawei v the US: Trump risks a tech cold war

Curbs on the Chinese company play into the trade war rhetoric. But American industry fears it has a lot to lose from the dispute

By in San Francisco, in Taipei and in Hong Kong

Originally appeared in Financial Times 

President Donald Trump’s latest confrontation with China’s most important tech company may just have plunged the world into a technology cold war.

Efforts to limit the ability of Huawei to buy from suppliers reliant on American technology threaten to tie the hands of a company that aimed to become a key global supplier in the era of 5G mobile communications.

“Longstanding concerns about Huawei, though well deserved, have definitely hitched a ride on the larger platform of the US-China trade talks,” says Michael Allen, managing partner at Beacon Global Strategies, a national security consultancy. “A debate previously confined to crowded national security circles — about whether China could tap into US communications — is now a part of the Trump ‘economic security is national security’ narrative.”

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