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BGS Managing Director Michael Allen Discusses the Huawei Ban

BGS Managing Director Michael Allen Discusses the Huawei Ban

In a Financial Times article published on May 21st, BGS Managing Director Michael Allen discusses US companies temporary reprieve from the Huawei ban.

Trump grants temporary reprieve from Huawei ban

Chinese telecoms company says 3-month grace period ‘doesn’t mean much’

By and in Washington and in San Francisco

Originally appeared in Financial Times

The Trump administration has issued a licence that will allow US companies to keep doing business with Huawei for the next three months in a bid to contain the fallout from the export restrictions on the Chinese telecoms equipment maker.

The licence would enable operations to continue for existing Huawei mobile phone users and rural broadband networks in the US, Wilbur Ross, commerce secretary, said in a statement on Monday.

Michael Allen, managing director at Beacon Global Strategies, a Washington-based national security consultancy, said the significance of the temporary licence was that it gave companies affected by the order a “stay of execution”.

“This gives time to US business to adapt or consult with the US government and, if convincing, possibly win changes to a final order,” said Mr Allen. “The Chinese may also view this move as an opening to win changes in the trade talks, if they are resuscitated.”

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